Tampa’s Premier Mobile Dog Groomer Since 2001!

Tour the Mobile Grooming Vans

Many dog owners are curious about how our dog grooming vans work and what they look like and we’re happy to show them! Our grooming vans are completely custom outfitted to suit our needs. Our vans are meticulously maintained, climate controlled, have full LED lighting and tons of interior space.   They are also equipped with the following:

Water holding tanks
Our vehicle holds its own fresh water, up to 100 gallons, so we don’t need any hose connections to your home to bathe your pet. (Our baths are not Hydro and only use fresh water)

On board water heater
You don’t like a cold shower any better than your pet does. With our on board water heater we’ve solved that problem! Your pet receives their bath in “Hollywood Style”

Hydraulic Table
Our hydraulic table lowers to nearly a foot from the floor, allowing us to handle pets with tender hips without having to lift them. They simply step onto the table, are raised up to grooming height, and walk across a special ramp into the tub, again with no lifting. For the big doggies we have an additional large grooming table to make their experience a pleasurable one too!!!

Central Vacuum system
In order to ensure a clean environment for each pet, we have a central vacuum system installed to deliver a clean vehicle between each visit.

Power and Fluff Dryers
Our powerful generator allows us to use the finest dryers available in the market, gently drying and fluffing the coat of your pet to show like conditions!

Forever Stainless Steel Wash basin w/ramp
Our wash basin for your pets bath is top quality. It has a ramp so that the pet can easily walk up and reduces overall stress when a pet is picked up and put in the wash basin. It accommodates dogs of all sizes…..

Our vehicles has a 17” flat screen TV w/satellite dish that plays movies for the enjoyment of your pet.  So far all the Hound’z are loving Animal Planet!!!!!!!

Here are pictures of what our vans look like.