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Boutique Grooming Packages & Services

At Kat’s Barking Boutique Mobile Dog Grooming Spa, we pride ourselves on offering the safest products available in the market place for our customers and their pet’s. We use only the finest quality, all natural, hypoallergenic, “no tear” shampoos available, mixed to the exact specifications recommended by the manufacturer.

Even our flea shampoos and various medicated shampoos are hypoallergenic, but by nature they’re not always “no tear” and are administered with the utmost care to ensure that the pet enjoys the full benefit from these specialty products. That’s why we don’t just give your pet a bath; Kat’s Barking Boutique ensures your pet’s safety and comfort by doing so in a humane and loving way.

Ask the groomer about referral, repeat and multiple dog discounts.

Boutique Bath

During the “Boutique Bath”, we will perform the following services for your pet:

Price is contingent on size, temperament and coat condition.

First, your pets coat will be fully brushed out, removing the loose hairs and allowing the shampoo to provide the best result during the bath.

DeMatting and/or DeShedding services may apply

Boutique “SUPER” Bath

We know that sometimes your pet isn’t ready for a full groom yet, but their not looking their best anymore either and a bath alone isn’t going to work. So, we created another option for your pet.

It’s called the Boutique “SUPER” Bath, you get all of the same services as the Hollywood bath, but, you get so much more!!!

Price is contingent on size, temperament and coat condition.

DeMatting and/or DeShedding services may apply

Boutique Deluxe Groom

The Boutique Deluxe Groom is our premium service that enables us to achieve these challenging goals.

We want to provide a “superior quality” groom to your pet and we want to become the “recognized standard of excellence” in the Tampa metro area for mobile grooming services.

With the Deluxe, you receive the same as the Boutique Bath and the Super Bath, including our use of premium, all natural shampoos.

Price is contingent on size, temperament and coat condition.

DeMatting and/or DeShedding services may apply

Boutique Treatment Add-Ons

Clearly, their lives are sooo stressful. For a spa day, book a regular appointment and then you can add more services.


Feet, Nail and Hygienic Treatments

Anal Gland Expression – Starting at $15 -$20
Are they scooting their bottom on the carpet? It’s time for a quick gland expression.

Nail Grinding – $15 -$20
No scratches to our humans! Nails are sanded so they aren’t so sharp.

Nail Cut/Trim – $15
Hear the “click, click, click” of long nails? Prevent foot injuries with a trim.

Oral Hygiene Treatments

Breath Freshener – $10
“Yuck…your breath stinks!” Fresh Mint Foam keeps teeth and gums clean. Its natural formula helps freshen their breath.

Skin and Coat Treatments

Bacteria Treatment – $15
Topical antibacterial soaps and shampoos can help treat conditions related to bacterial skin infections.

Blueberry Facial – $10
Puts a smile on their face, not to mention soothes irritated spots near their eyes.

Brightening Treatment – $15
Is Max looking yellow?? We can brighten his white coat.

De-Matting – $15 for 15 minutes
Tangles are serious business. De-matting prevents infections, circulation problems and even parasites.

Flea & Tick Shampoo – $15
Fleas, ticks and mosquitos hate the essential oils in this treatment, but your dog will love it.

De-shedding Treatment – Small $20 ~ Medium – $25 ~ Large – $30
Too much poof is a problem. We strip out dead hair by hand to prevent overcrowded follicles. We also do faux stripping to improve texture.

Itchy Skin Treatment – $15
Oatmeal and aloe shampoo. Soap-free and hypoallergenic, perfect for itchy skin!

Luxurious Coat Conditioner – $15
You’ve never felt fur this soft. Conditioner nourishes skin and conditions hair to promote growth.